Good Marketing Hinges on Good Answers to These Two Key Questions~How good are your answers?

These are the fundamental questions you have to get right if you want marketing that will really make your business grow.

Not many businesses put much thought into them so their answers tend to be weak.

That's great news if you're prepared to go the extra distance to get your answers right

1) Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Large companies spend vast sums trying to build accurate profiles of their best customers.

The more they know about these customers the more they tailor their sales pitches and, ultimately, sell.

There’s a simple truth behind this.

Advertising only tends to work well when it’s tailored to the unique qualities of a particular audience. Trying to advertise to “the average consumer” is a recipe failure.

Many small businesses are afraid to focus on one section of the market and ignore others. They worry about all the opportunities they’ll lose elsewhere.

As a small business it’s even more important to “niche your focus”.

How Shrimps Compete With Whales

One of the best ways to compete with a bigger business is to focus on a good niche.

The perfect niche is the one that’s too small to be worth a bigger player’s focus, but big enough to support your business.

That allows you to tailor your ads in ways that big companies just can’t.

It sounds simple and it is.

Even so, it takes time, experimentation and money to identify the right niches.

That’s the main reason why so many small businesses have such big blind spots when it comes to targeting the right customers.

An accurate picture of a profitable target market is one of the most powerful things you can give your marketing and advertising team to work with.

2) Why You? What Makes Your Product Special?

This question is closely connected to the first one about your target market.

Do you compete with other businesses to sell your products?

If you do, the best way to make yours more valuable and appealing is to flaunt your unique selling points.

That can be easier said than done though.

It takes imagination and careful analysis of your market to come up with ways to make your offerings unique.

The average business tends to be extremely vague about its unique selling points. That’s great news if you’re prepared to go the extra distance required to make yourself unique.

If you can show customers you offer something genuinely different from your competitors you have the makings of a strong brand.

Just like having a clear picture of your target market, strong, clear unique selling points make some of the best ammunition you can use in your marketing campaigns.