Leaflet Distribution: A Little Known Secret to Cheaper Internet Ads for Local Business

  • 20 Jul 2016
  • Posted by matt

Check out this brilliant new marketing technique that uses leaflet distribution. It's ideal for business to consumer (B2C) type businesses that serve customers locally.

Jim runs a lawn mowing and home services business from a base in one of Melbourne's eastern suburbs, He relies on leaflet distribution to find customers within easy travelling distance.

He uses a leaflet distribution company to put leaflets in letterboxes every couple of months.

His leaflets used to describe his services and ask readers to contact him.

For years he believed this was the best way to reach all the houses in his territory. That nothing could beat this method for generating local business.

But he was wrong.

The New, Improved Way To Use Leaflet Distribution

He now has a new, improved system. It yields 78% more enquiries per advertising dollar.

The new system starts out just like before, with flyers. But what happens next is totally different.

Before, he just asked readers to contact him.

Now he combines his flyer distribution with a digital technique that lets him identify and ‘tag’ his most interested readers.

He then follows up with another digital marketing technique, displaying low cost digital ads to those same interested readers, over and over.

An important note here: Jim only shows his ads to the select group of potential customers that he ‘tagged’ earlier.

Because the ads only show to a small group of people, his advertising costs are very low. And because his most interested prospects see the ads many times, they’re extremely effective too.

With the increased response rate, Jim’s setup costs paid for themselves within two leaflet distributions.

His new, improved flyer marketing method is called Letterbox Retargeting.

Would you like to know how he does it? There’s a new ebook that explains how and it’s free. You can download your copy here: Breakthrough Letterbox Marketing.