Turn Your Business Into a Magnet for Local Customers With This Big Brand Advertising Hack

Find your best prospects in any neighbourhood and advertise to them for a fraction of what your competition pays

Some well known brands using this technology

What's Inside:

Letterbox advertising lets you reach many more local customers than possible by other means.

But there's a catch. It can be hard to get readers to respond and you get just one chance per distribution to move them to action.

This ebook reveals a surprising and little-known digital workaround to that problem. Use it and you'll stack the odds of success heavily in your favour.

In less than 30 minutes reading time you'll discover:-

  • How to use printed flyers to "mine" any neighbourhood for your best and most interested prospects—regardless of whether they're in the mood to buy right away.
  • How to then automatically identify and track those same prospects online.
  • The digital advertising hack used by big brands to repeatedly advertise to their ideal customers at very low cost, over a period of 1 - 3 months or more.
  • How you can turn one-time, casual readers of your flyers into long term customers.
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