Freelance Copywriter for Hire

Looking for a freelance copywriter who gets what you do and delivers first time?

If you want a freelance copywriter to get your true value across to customers you'll need someone who can actually understand your worth.

That means finding a writer who understands your business, sees the bigger picture, and can make sound judgements about what your market wants.

freelance copywriter

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How do you identify customer needs?

Sales copy works well when the writer pinpoints customers' most pressing needs and shows how a product meets them.

Big brands can afford to help their copywriters out by splurging on focus groups and detailed surveys that uncover customer needs.

In an ideal world all businesses would do this. But if you're like most real world customers I deal with, you don't have that kind of budget or survey data to inform your creative team. You need someone to make an educated guess based on a few observations from sales and customer services teams.

A key question is then—who would you rather have guess? A creative wordsmith who wants you to know all about their advertising awards, or someone with a wealth of real world business experience to draw on?

Real world experience versus "creativity".

Pelican Digital offers you the voice and perspective of a business writer whose experiences go way beyond ‘corporate communications’ and ad agencies.

To name but two:

  • Building and selling a business
  • Years of experience as a market analyst for the world’s major investment banks

Along with being a full time writer and marketer he's also a computer nerd, a musician, a trained audio engineer, world traveller, husband and dad rolled into one. Will he really get what you need? You bet!

Whether you’re looking for reader friendly web copy , a sales letter, an auto responder sequence, or a financial copywriter you’ll not be disappointed with the 25 years commercial writing experience that Pelican Digital has to offer. This we guarantee, or we make no charge!