Marketing Catalyst Sessions

Affordable, Risk-Free Marketing Advice for Small Business

"Sometimes it's useful to just talk to an outsider who knows marketing strategy"

Looking for actionable marketing ideas you can use right away?
Not ready to commit thousands of dollars to a formal marketing programme?
Not keen on spending a whole day filling in marketing questionnaires?

If so, Marketing Catalyst Sessions are for you.

They're a risk-free way for you to get expert marketing guidance at a rate any business can afford.

What is a Marketing Catalyst Session?

We spend two hours together - either in person or over skype.

You talk, I listen and question you. As we talk, I offer suggestions and answer whatever questions you have about various marketing strategies.

If you like, you can send me a briefing email beforehand, but it's not essential.

Afterwards, I send you a follow up email, summarising our discussion and where I answer any questions I could not answer during the meeting. This is also an opportunity for me to share additional ideas that come after a bit more thought.

The total cost of a Marketing Catalyst Session is just $370 (ex. GST).
And if you don't feel it was money well spent, I'll refund your fee - no questions asked.

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Why Marketing Catalyst Sessions?

Almost every business wants more customers and better revenues. But so often growth drifts to a standstill due to lack of ideas or uncertainty around a strategy's execution and the likelihood of it paying off.

Sound familiar?

When that happens, the viewpoint of someone looking at your challenges with a fresh pair of eyes can help you see possibilities that were there all along.

Add the insight of someone with a playbook of strategies that have helped other businesses achieve spectacular results—and suddenly the lights come on. You can see more ways forward than you ever thought possible.

Do you need fresh ideas or a second opinion to help kick start your next growth phase? If so, a Marketing Catalyst Session will definitely help. Book Yours Today!